Glassware Makes an Elegant Gift

Glassware Makes an Elegant Gift

Article by Daya M

Glass gifts can be among the most elegant gifts that you can ever receive or give. This versatile substance lends itself to a staggering array of household objects, accessories and gifts that range from the simple to the extravagant.

The beauty of glass is that it can be a simple glass jar full of childhood favourite sweets (for a female colleague) or an extravagant and expensive Waterford crystal vase for a close family member or friend. They will both love their respective glass gifts.

Here are the top 10 glass gift ideas with which to wow loved ones:

1. Monogrammed Cocktail, Wine or Champagne Glasses

Nothing like having your own initials on a glass that holds your favourite bubbly, eh? Monogrammed cocktail, wine or champagne glasses make classy gifts for bridal showers, weddings or anniversaries. To complete the picture, throw in a bottle of sparkling wine.

2. Glass or Crystal Centrepiece

Glass or crystal centrepieces add a lot of panache to a living room. They can be in the shape of large, shallow bowls which can hold floating petals and lighted candles, or tall, elegant vases that play host to colourful flower bouquets.

3. Glass Ornaments

Around Christmas time, hand-painted and decorated glass ornaments for the Christmas tree makes a beautiful present. Frosted glass balls are easily available and you can add your creative touch to them by decorating them with glitter and personal messages.

4. Glass Sweets Jar

Is she fond of sweets and toffees? Instead of the same old boring glass jar, why not make a fun glass jar in which she can store sweets and toffees whenever she needs to reach for an adrenalin rush? It is an inexpensive yet thoughtful gift. Either create a personalised label for the jar or paint a design on it and fill it with store-bought or homemade sweets.

5. Stained Glass Gifts

There is something undeniably attractive about stained glass. Lamp shades, window panes, jewellery, sun catchers (especially in the kitchen) make for some stunning stained glass gifts. Better still, why not make a handmade stained glass object? They are not difficult to make and make wonderfully memorable gifts.

6. Crystal gifts

Crystal is perhaps one of the few substances that manage to look exquisite while simultaneously being functional as well. Crystal jewellery looks sophisticated and elegant. Crystal candlestick holders are a visual aphrodisiac! There are crystal picture frames and crystal glass perfume bottles that hold a favourite scent.

7. Antique Glassware

Antique glass or crystal objects make great gifts for those who are into collecting and are lovers of history. Plenty of stores stock up on these items and they make great gifts.

8. Glass jewellery

For the woman who is a bohemian at heart, there is no better gift that some stunningly simple yet beautiful glass and crystal jewellery. Hand-blown glass bead necklaces, earrings and bracelets make wonderful gifts that promise to make the wearer stand out in a herd.

9. Glass or crystal statues

Again, great for collectors or even as gifts in themselves, blown glass or glass crystal animals, flowers, figurines, keepsakes and other glass sculptures make lovely gift items.

10. Stylish stemware

Stylish drinking glasses make memorable housewarming or wedding gifts. Coloured drinking glasses are a rage nowadays and can instantly add glamour to a centre table or even a kitchen. Etched or decorated champagne, wine, martini or cognac glasses make superb gifts for couples who have a well-stocked home bar.

So, when it comes to glass gifts, sky is the limit as far as your imagination is concerned!

About the Author

Gift expert Daya writes about gift ideas and giving occasions. She is also a fan of Designs by Lolita glasses. She contributes to fansite We Love Lolita Glasses and buys her Lolita glasses here in the UK.

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Creative Way to Use Bookmarks for Wedding-Themed Favors

Creative Way to Use Bookmarks for Wedding-Themed Favors

Article by Karen S Musselman

Bookmark favors can be easily blended into any wedding themed event like vow renewals, bridal showers and anniversaries. You can use photos or special themes and colors and transform your bookmarks into something more than just marking a place in a book or hanging as a refrigerator magnet. Turn your personalized bookmarks into keepsakes that your friends and loved ones will keep long after your event because they’ll know you put a little of yourself into each one.

Use these creative bookmark ideas for unique ways to design and use your bookmark favors to fit whatever event you need to use them for, whether you’re announcing your engagement or celebrating a vow renewal after a few years of marriage.

Whether you decide to use them as stand-alone favors or added to another type of favor like mints or candies, these ideas for bookmarks as favors or announcements are sure to help you decide how and where you want your bookmark favors to blend into your theme.

Using personalized laminated bookmarks for weddings & vow renewals…We know that bookmark favors provide an exceptionally easy and affordable way to say thank you to your guests for sharing your special day with you. Some of the different ways you can use your bookmarks as wedding favors are:

Slide them in your ceremony programs that your guests use to follow the program along with your ceremonyDress up another favor such as an organza bag with a candle inside or a small box of mints by tieing a bookmark to the favor with a decorative ribbonFor vow renewal ceremonies, put your original wedding photo taken on the bookmark to celebrate the years you’ve been together

Get creative with bridal showers bookmark favors…Show your shower guests how much you appreciate them attending fun party that your bridesmaids put together by including a personalized bookmark in with any other favors or even as a stand-alone favor:

Select a custom bookmark design with a photo of a wedding dress or veilPersonalize the bookmark with an engagement photoTie or clip a bookmark to the favor bag that you give to your guestsAttach a bookmark to a custom wrapped candy bar

Ideas for using personalized bookmarks as wedding or engagement announcements…

Add a bookmark to an engagement or wedding announcement card or mail announcement bookmarks by themselvesPut your engagement photo and a special saying on the bookmarks with your wedding or engagement dateUse customized bookmarks as favors for an engagement party

These are just some creative bookmark ideas that will help start the ball rolling and hopefully provide other options of how bookmark favors can be easily mixed with other favors or used alone as favors or even announcements of upcoming events.

Whatever the occasion, your family and friends will love receiving your little gift that says a lot.

About the Author

About the Author: Karen Musselman offers wedding planning ideas for couples planning their”>fairy tale weddings on a low budget and also designs personalized and laminated wedding favor bookmarks.

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How To Pick Favors For Your Wedding Party?

How To Pick Favors For Your Wedding Party?

Article by Jnet

A wedding may come once in a lifetime, that is why if you will be given a chance to get married, make it worthy to be remembered. Plan your party way a head so you can carefully decide, choose and purchase everything you need for your nuptial. There are lots of things to consider, and one of which is your wedding favor. Wedding favors are usually small tokens that will be distributed among the guests. Giving them away is a way of the bride and groom to thank their family and friends who joined them in the most spectacular day of their lives. When it comes to wedding favors, spending too much is not necessary. If you are thinking that you need to cash out a big amount of dollar over little gifts such as wedding favors, then you are wrong. Go simple, yet will leave your guests delighted. You don’t have to go overboard when choosing the best souvenir for your nuptial. When you are choose, pick the that best reflects your personality. Of course, it also need to complement the type of wedding you will have. An extravagant souvenir will look too much for a simple wedding, while a common one will likely be overlooked in a grand wedding celebration. Choose the kind the fits your wedding, especially if you want to show off a theme. There are lots of wedding favors that are available to choose from. Both online and local retailers offer a wide variety of selection of favors for weddings, wedding showers, bridal showers and other parties related to wedding. These favors range from edible treats, useful items, decorative pieces to eco-friendly things and even charity favors. If you really opt for the best wedding souvenir commemorate your big day, then why not personalize your wedding favors. Today, where almost everything can be personalized, you can find a lot of options to personalize your wedding. You can personalize your wedding favors by including both of your names or monograms, date of wedding, and a personal message of thanks. There are also options wherein you can even add a photo. To personalize your wedding favors simply means you want your big day to be remembered and cherished by your loved ones and friends. Perhaps the best way to find and purchase wedding favors is to go online. Planning a wedding these days has never been more easy with the help the Internet. Brides and grooms can now easily find tips and ideas on how to plan their dreamed wedding. There are plenty of websites where they can sign in to join online forums, where they can gather helpful tips and ideas from other couples. Aside from that, there are plenty of online stores that offer essential wedding supplies – from wedding gowns, rings, cakes, bridal jewelry, invitations, wedding napkins, table accessories, wedding decorations, wedding favors to etc. Not to mention, online stores often offer products at lower prices compared to local retailers. So, if you are on a tight budget, purchasing online is an economical option to go about.

About the Author

Jnet is an author for a variety of lifestyle issues and topics including weddings. If you’re looking for unique favors, visit the website and browse their extensive collection. Find bridal shower favors to make your wedding extra special!

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Why A Wine Gift Is Great For Weddings

Why A Wine Gift Is Great For Weddings

Article by Angela Lindsay

You have been invited to your friend’s wedding, so perhaps you have started thinking of gift ideas. Maybe you are having trouble identifying a gift to get for the couple. Choosing the right wedding gift isn’t always easy, but fortunately there are many wonderful gift ideas to consider.

For instance, one idea to consider is to buying a wine gift to help the lovely couple celebrate their marriage, or perhaps a special occasion in the future. This is a gift that is hard to go wrong with, and can be used for a long time.

You can already begin to see why a wine gift makes for a great idea. Also, you have a number of ways you can go with this gift idea. Some gift options include a wine opener, wine cooler, wine rack, wine cork screw, wine glasses, and much more. Wine is a beverage that is widely adored across the world, and for reason.

Wine not only tastes good, but some also consider it to be spiritual. Also, wine makes for a excellent choice when you have guests over to entertain. Regardless of the reason or occasion, wine is a great choice especially for the couple getting married. You can get them a wine gift for the bridal shower or for the wedding.

Where Should You Purchase the Wine Gift?

Wine is very popular, so you won’t find a shortage of places to purchase wine. Chances are there is a store in your area that offers wine gifts as well. If not, the internet provides a marketplace full of wine gift baskets. While you are shopping for the perfect gift, be sure to consider the couple you are purchasing the wine for.

Everyone has different tastes and personality types, so it’s important to get a wine gift that suits them well. If you don’t know them well, you could always ask those closest to them what they prefer.

At the end of the day, this is always a gift option that is hard to go wrong with. Wine almost always is accepted with open arms by the recipient. Whether the couple decide to drink it, use it as a decoration, or give it to someone else who perhaps would enjoy it more, wine is still a good way to go when in doubt. This is a gift that is also fun to give no matter what the occasion and who it’s for.

About the Author

Where can you find a wine and country gift basket?

Food and wine gift basket

Wine gift basket idea

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